February 2024 Members of the Month

Allow me to introduce you to our February Members of the Month, siblings Izzy (13), Abe (10), and Noah (8). The family has been a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 1 year, and the kids attend school at home. BKDP has been made a part of their family learning routine as they access the materials once a week.

When asked what she loves most about Busy Kids Do Piano, mom Megan states, “I love the fact that it is very affordable, and I can use it for all my children. I also love the fact that it grows with my children, and I can do it from home and fit the practices into our day.” Megan, you’re speaking to one of our main goals with the program…that it works for a wide range of ages and abilities and can grow with your students. Continue reading “February 2024 Members of the Month”

May Members of the Month

Allow me to introduce you to our April Members of the Month, the Tare family. They are long-time members, a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for more than two years, and have their son Lanz in the program, who is 17
years old.image2
Lanz attends school at home and works through the BKDP lesson videos 2-3 times a month. Nice work, Lanz!
Lanz started taking piano lessons around 5th grade, but when the pandemic interrupted his learning a couple of years later, he took a break. Mom Jizel shared, “We encouraged him to continue learning piano because we saw his potential and knew the benefits of playing piano. We were thankful when he
enrolled in Busy Kids Do Piano. We love how well this piano program is taught and how it works well with our busy schedule.”

Continue reading “May Members of the Month”

Be a Kid Composer

Simply stated, I’m obsessed with fall. Around this time every year, I pull out my favorite coat and boots, and start wanting pumpkin-flavored treats and warm cider. For our download this month, I wanted to give your student an opportunity to relish the delights of fall as well. As we near November, the days are shorter, the rain clouds linger, and the leaves turn golden. It’s a very special, beautiful time of year and it tends to bring a certain vibe, a feeling quite different from the excitement of summer.  Continue reading “Be a Kid Composer”

Repetition in Musical Learning

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”

There’s a reason for this. Repetition improves speed, increases confidence and creates neural pathways in the brain that commit that skill into memory. Once we’ve been down a pathway before, it’s easier to find the second and third and fourth time around!

Obviously, repetition is an important tool in musical learning. When my piano students are working on a piece of music, I might ask them to play a section “one more time” to help them become more fluent in a skill.

But sometimes, I can tell a student is getting frustrated or even bored if I ask him to repeat a passage of his piano piece again and again. Continue reading “Repetition in Musical Learning”

Building Strength and Finger Independence

If you’ve ever watched an accomplished pianist play, you may have been amazed at the way her fingers moved quickly across the keys — even when playing a complicated piece of music. It looks so easy, doesn’t it?

If you are working with a younger beginner, however, chances are you’ve realized that there’s a lot of work that goes into building that kind of strength and dexterity in a person’s fingers! Your student may become easily frustrated when trying to play each note one-at-a-time, with a different finger. It might seem impossible for a 5-year-old to keep his fingers round and firm while striking a piano key. Continue reading “Building Strength and Finger Independence”

Reducing Performance Anxiety

As a piano teacher, I make sure my students have many opportunities to share their musical gifts through piano recitals, playing for church or school talent shows. Even with my online students, I provide an online recital hall and suggestions for holding recitals at home. But what if your student suffers from performance anxiety? Continue reading “Reducing Performance Anxiety”

November Member of the Month

Meet our November Members of the Month Sansha and her two lovely children Hazel and Linus from Melbourne, Australia. Hazel is 8 years old and is currently enrolled in Busy Kids Do Piano. Eight year old Linus is not enrolled in piano but is currently studying the trombone.

What’s your musical background?

I learned piano for a number of years as a child, but wasn’t terribly committed and rarely practiced but despite this, I think it was a very valuable experience. I did always enjoy music and belonged to the school choir and orchestra. Continue reading “November Member of the Month”

Piano Practice Rewards: Why and How to Do Them

If the idea of piano practice rewards causes you to cringe, let me tell you a story.

I once had a piano student who was incredibly bright and had so much potential as a pianist. When she first started lessons with me, she was excited about how easily things were coming to her and practiced ALL THE TIME. As a result, she progressed quickly and was confident in her abilities.

As she progressed, things became more challenging, and she grew frustrated. Rather than working through the frustrations between her lessons with me, she resisted practicing. After a few weeks of having what seemed like an identical piano lesson to the last as we worked through challenges in her music, I called her mom to ask how practicing was going at home. Continue reading “Piano Practice Rewards: Why and How to Do Them”

How to Participate in Your Child’s Music-Making.

So often, parents of students come to me with practicing struggles. They are exhausted from having to nag their child to practice, are running out of incentive ideas or perhaps have let practicing slide for awhile and aren’t really sure how to get back into healthy practice habits. Continue reading “How to Participate in Your Child’s Music-Making.”

How Being A Church Musician Has Made Me A Better Pianist.

I started playing piano for church when I was just a 2nd grader. Our kind and lovely church organist, herself an experienced church musician, asked if I would be willing to play a song for offering. I don’t remember the name of the piece. I know it was something from my hot pink Alfred method book and that I was really scared. I’m sure I made lots of mistakes and that those few minutes weren’t particularly meditative for the congregation. Continue reading “How Being A Church Musician Has Made Me A Better Pianist.”