Meet Our Team: The Folks Behind Busy People Do Piano

Whether you’ve been an e-mail subscriber or perhaps a student of one of my online courses, chances are that you’ve interacted with me (Carly) — the creator of Busy Moms and Busy Kids Do Piano and seen my face in all those lesson videos – hah!

But I am not the only person running the show. While there have been others along the way who have helped me with certain projects — creating my site or assisting during a webinar — there are two constants who have been by my side for years now. They make our community so special and I am constantly grateful for them. Continue reading “Meet Our Team: The Folks Behind Busy People Do Piano”

April Member of the Month

Meet Fares Al Twal and  Diana Abou-Assaleh Al Twal. They have children Adrian, who is  13 years old, Cassandra, who is 10 years old and , Alex who is 8 years old. They live in the small town of St. Catharines, Ontario Canada just minutes away from Niagara Falls, one of the world’s wonders.


March Members of the Month

Meet Yenson, Fabienne, and their daughters Eva age 7 and Matilda age 3. They are from a lovely village in Cheshire not too far from Manchester in England. Eva is student in the Busy Kids Program while her mom, Fabienne is part of the Busy Moms program and just recently Matilda has tried out the preschooler program! Continue reading “March Members of the Month”

Royal Wedding: THE MUSIC!

I know I typically use my blog to share valuable practicing tips, musical resources and all kinds of super important stuff with readers.

Today I’m blogging about the music from the Royal Wedding.

While this might seem a bit “off-topic” for me, I actually think using real life moments and events to draw musical connections is an awesome and exciting way for kids to learn. And there was so much great music in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding that I simply HAD to make it a teachable moment! Continue reading “Royal Wedding: THE MUSIC!”

May Member of the Month

          Meet Julie, Robert, Andrew and Rachel Gastler from Columbia, MO. Julie is a student in the Busy Moms program.  She is currently taking a brief  and unplanned hiatus from the piano due to injury.Last Friday she cut her right index finger with a table saw.  She still has a finger but is unable to play the piano at the moment. She says,  “That is by far the worst result of this injury.  I can manage not writing and am happy to be banned from washing dishes for a while, but my piano is calling me and I can’t answer.”   The good news is that she should be able to play again once she done healing, but it will be a while the stitches wont even come out for 2 weeks. Continue reading “May Member of the Month”

January Member of the Month

Meet the wonderful Williams family from Pennsylvania. This awesome family of 9 includes Mark and Kelley and their lovely children, Ben (20), Ann (19), Sam (16), Gabe (13), Jaden (10), Sarah (9), and Sol (7).

Q: What’s your musical background?

We grew up in Tennessee so the musical influence in our lives is rich and varied, from rock to worship and rap to bluegrass – we enjoy it all. Up until we started Busy Kids Do Piano, only the oldest three had taken any lessons, and only the oldest really connected with it, though everyone likes to play around on the piano and guitar and ukulele. Continue reading “January Member of the Month”

November Member of the Month

Meet our November Members of the Month Sansha and her two lovely children Hazel and Linus from Melbourne, Australia. Hazel is 8 years old and is currently enrolled in Busy Kids Do Piano. Eight year old Linus is not enrolled in piano but is currently studying the trombone.

What’s your musical background?

I learned piano for a number of years as a child, but wasn’t terribly committed and rarely practiced but despite this, I think it was a very valuable experience. I did always enjoy music and belonged to the school choir and orchestra. Continue reading “November Member of the Month”

October Members of the Month

Meet the Latorre-Caceres Family!  Ivan (dad) and Diana (mom) and their two sons Ivan (5.5 years old) and Jayden ( 3.5 years old)  from Sydney, Australia! They are a music loving family who are using Busy Kids Do Piano to bring piano into their home. 

Q: What is your musical background?

Our family’s music background is Colombian music. Continue reading “October Members of the Month”

Getting Back In The Groove

During August and September when my students return to piano lessons, frustration and disappointment abound!

Perhaps you’re a musician yourself or the parent of a musician and are witnessing this own struggle in your household. You had the best of intentions — you were going to have a schedule that included piano practice, you were going to keep structure and routine going, but alas….summer happens.

That’s okay! You’re normal. And you’re not alone. Continue reading “Getting Back In The Groove”

September Member of the Month

Millennium Park Chicago to hear the Grant Park Symphony rehearsal Summer of 2017
Millennium Park Chicago to hear the Grant Park Symphony rehearsal Summer of 2017

Meet our September Member of the Month Mary Socall. She and her husband Dave are from Westchester, Il. Their son Brian has two sons Ellis who is 4-years-old and Lewis who is 2-years-old. Mary is currently enrolled in Busy Moms and is working with Ellis who is enrolled in Busy Kids. They are a Busy family! Continue reading “September Member of the Month”