May Members of the Month

May members of the month
Allow me to introduce you to our April Members of the Month, the Tare family. They are long-time members, a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for more than two years, and have their son Lanz in the program, who is 17
years old.image2
Lanz attends school at home and works through the BKDP lesson videos 2-3 times a month. Nice work, Lanz!
Lanz started taking piano lessons around 5th grade, but when the pandemic interrupted his learning a couple of years later, he took a break. Mom Jizel shared, “We encouraged him to continue learning piano because we saw his potential and knew the benefits of playing piano. We were thankful when he
enrolled in Busy Kids Do Piano. We love how well this piano program is taught and how it works well with our busy schedule.”

More thoughts from the Tare family…
What do you love most about the BKDP program?
“Carly teaches each concept so well. The lessons are easy to understand and easy to follow. We love that we are able to use this piano program as a music elective for homeschooling.”
Why piano, and what are your tips for keeping kids motivated?
My husband and I have a background in piano so we knew of the great benefits learning it would have on Lanz. A whole lot of encouragement and reminders is what each student needs. Also encouraging them to play current songs that they like or hear on the radio/TV shows. Having them play for family and friends during gatherings and special occasions is very helpful as well.
Now let’s hear some input from Lanz himself…
What is one thing you enjoy about the BKDP program?
I like how I can follow it at my own pace.
What is your favorite type of music to play?
Popular music and songs from movies. (So do we, Lanz!)
What advice would you give other kids who might want to try BKDP?
Don’t hesitate to try this piano program, it teaches you a lot.
Anything else you’d like to tell us?
I love cats. I have a lazy but cuddly cat named Mama Kitty. I also have about 9 stray cats that visit us regularly. I love helping out in my church and I’m also on the youth worship team playing piano.
image1 (1)
The Tare family also loves enjoying the outdoors, visiting national parks, and trying out the latest trending restaurants.
Many thanks to the Tare family for sharing their story this month, and special thanks to Lanz for his input as well. Keep up the practicing, Lanz. You have some great piano-playing days ahead of you!
Check out some performances of Lanz playing pieces he has learned from the Busy Kids program here and here.

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