Reinforcing Ledger Lines


My 9-year-old daughter and piano student is working her way through Level 4 of my Busy Kids program and transitioning to independent practice. As we were skimming a new piece of music and she noticed many notes were written on ledger lines, she got a little panicky. She grabbed a pencil, figured out what the ledger line notes were and wrote in the names.

“Why are you doing that?” I asked.

“It takes me too long to figure out ledger lines when I’m playing,” she told me.

While I do encourage students to write in note names if there’s a note with a LOT of ledger lines or a note that they keep missing, writing in a whole series of notes is not something I encourage. This was a wake-up call to me that we needed to do more practicing with ledger lines.

In order to help her feel more comfortable reading ledger line notes fluently, I adapted my spring-themed interval games into games that reinforce identifying ledger line notes. (Since it’s October, I also made the games fall-themed.)

Click the image below to have these fall-themed printables delivered to your inbox.

ledger line freebie bar

I’m a big fan of utilizing games and hands-on activities when it comes to learning music theory. I hope you’ll have as much fun using these games to review ledger lines as we have!


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