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Learning to play an instrument is not unlike learning to speak a new language. It’s important to listen, follow the rhythm, understand new vocabulary and structure. Repetition and practice are not just helpful but necessary.

A lot of times when we begin to learn to read music in order to play the piano (or any other instrument), we focus on the notes — that is, trying to play the correct pitches. But if you look at a piece of music, there is so much going on in that music besides just the notes.


Examine the piece of music above and you’ll see all sorts of musical symbols, lines, numbers and words. These are so important for a musician to understand not only so that a piece is played accurately but also so that it is played beautifully!

I’ve put together a set of 18 flash cards with basic musical symbols (these are symbols that I teach in Level 1 of my Busy Kids Do Piano course).


Use these flashcards to review foundational symbols in music. Making sure your student can identify these symbols quickly helps ensure that your student is on his way to musical fluency!

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