Let’s Talk About Piano Technique.

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Technique is not a very exciting word. I am envisioning your eyes glazing over at the computer screen as you read the words “piano technique”.

Believe me, if I could come up with a sexier word to introduce this topic, I would!

Even though it sounds rather boring, piano technique is super duper important. And there is SO MUCH to it.

Just because there’s a lot to it doesn’t mean that it’s complicated or frustrating.

Rather than write a lengthy blog post dissecting technique, I decided to delve into piano technique in a Facebook Live video. In this video, I’ll go over…

  • Why good technique matters
  • What good technique actually looks like
  • Ways to help your child develop good technique

Be sure to download my freebie to go along with this video by clicking the bar below:

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Share your best piano technique tips in the comments below!

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