August Members of the Month

August Members of the Month
Allow me to introduce you to our August Members of the Month, the Brander family. They have been a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 1 year, and have two boys in the program, Dominic (11) and Allen (8).
The boys attend school at home and access the BKDP online materials several times a week. We love the enthusiasm and commitment, boys!
Melissa, mom to the boys, took 8 years of piano lessons as a young person and has spent some time in music programs through church. She says the boys initially started taking piano lessons from their “Oma” (grandmother) but were unable to continue after she moved onto a boat!
Melissa shares, “Playing piano is important to me so that [the kids] have a solid understanding of music. Additionally, I think that learning to play an instrument brings a lot of brain benefits for people of all ages! We really like the practice challenges to help keep them motivated.”

More thoughts from Brander family…
What do you love most about the BKDP program?
I love how encouraging Carly is and that the lessons are accessible and engaging. I asked my kids to answer the same question. They said: “I love the way Carly presents it.” (Dominic) “I like the teacher.” (Allen)
What are your interests besides piano?
Dominic: reading, video gaming, learning new things, drawing
Allen: playing video games, drawing, reading
Do you have a favorite song you like to play?
Dominic: my favorite Busy Kids song to play is Lady Gaga.
What is one thing you liked to learn in the program?
Dominic: I like learning everything.
Allen: The songs.
What advice would you give other kids who might want to try BKDP?
Dominic: Pay attention to your posture.
Allen: It’s a great way to learn.
Well I sure love these answers, boys. You are doing an amazing job in the Busy Kids Program! Keep up the great work. I have a lot of fun planned for this fall and winter that I hope you enjoy.

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