Piano Tuning and Maintenance.

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If you are blessed to have an acoustic piano in your home, it is essential that you know about piano tuning! Having it tuned regularly not only keeps the value from diminishing but also helps you develop your musical ear.

I once had a student who by all counts was practicing EVERY single day. Yet at her lessons, she was struggling to read the notes. In discussion with her mom, I found out that her piano was terribly out of tune. My student was confused as to why her music sounded so different when she played it on an “in tune” piano at lesson time!

Once the tuner made it to her house, everything clicked into place.

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I am not a piano technician. If you haven’t had your instrument looked at for quite some time, please do call your local technician so that you can receive advice specific to your piano and your climate. But here are some general “rule of thumb” notes when it comes to piano tuning and maintenance.

  • Depending on how often you use your piano, piano tuning should generally happen every 6-12 months. If your piano is played often (and I hope that it is!), then 6 months. If you don’t play on your instrument much, you can often get by with once a year.
  • During the first year after purchase, your piano may need to be tuned a little more frequently as it acclimates.
  • Piano tuning typically costs between $100-$150, but can be more if your piano is REALLY out of tune (all the more reason to stay on top of it!).
  • It is okay to put the piano on an outside wall of the house if your house is adequately insulated.
  • Silicone-based cleaners can damage the finish on your piano. All that is needed to keep your piano clean is a slightly damp cloth or a dry cloth and Windex.
  • Depending on your climate, your technician may also recommend a piano humidifier system. This helps the instrument maintain its tune and prevents cracking of the soundboard.

While maintaining an instrument is an investment, it is a worthwhile one. Regularly servicing your piano upholds its value and longevity and allows you to enjoy the rich and beautiful sound for many years to come.


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