Meet our January 2024 Members of the Month!

Allow me to introduce you to our January 2024 Members of the Month, Rowan (9) and Brietta (7).
They have been members of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 2 years and attend school at home. Fun facts about them include living in a 100-year-old house where they leave their Christmas tree up year-round to decorate for every holiday. How fun is that? The parents raise chickens while the kids raise worms and build all sorts of contraptions out of the items found in the recycling bin. And this is quite a musical family as well. Mom and dad play piano and trumpet, and the entire family sings in choir. Sounds like a lot of fun in this household!

These dedicated kids access the Busy Kids Do Piano materials online several times a week. Mom Virginia most appreciates the flexibility of the BKDP program and how the lessons are broken down in manageable chunks. I’m so glad to hear it! I try my best to keep your students’ attention by keeping the lessons engaging and to the point.
“We believe music helps activate the mind and soul,” says Virginia. “Learning piano makes it easier to learn another instrument and read music for singing parts, and it’s helpful in activating the art and math parts of the brain. Plus, there’s always a lack of people to play piano at church, and we want to make sure our kids can share that talent to benefit others.”
More thoughts from the kids themselves…
Do you have a favorite type of music you like to play?
What is one thing you like to learn in the program?
The 5ths and the 4ths. (For those of you new to piano-speak — these are
important intervals in piano music!)
What advice would you give other kids who are in BKDP?
You learn lots of fun songs and it’s rarely boring.
What are your other interests besides piano?
Making strange concoctions out of mud, playing with electronic toy building sets, building puzzles, reading mystery and fantasy books.
Thank you, Rowan and Brietta, for answering all of my questions!
I love these profiles on our students and their families, don’t you? They remind me why I’m creating this content, and it gives me a sneak peek into whether the program is working for you in your homes. If you’d like to get a feel for the program, check out a free tutorial here for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.


Happy exploring!

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