February 2024 Members of the Month

February 2024 MOM
Allow me to introduce you to our February Members of the Month, siblings Izzy (13), Abe (10), and Noah (8). The family has been a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 1 year, and the kids attend school at home. BKDP has been made a part of their family learning routine as they access the materials once a week.

When asked what she loves most about Busy Kids Do Piano, mom Megan states, “I love the fact that it is very affordable, and I can use it for all my children. I also love the fact that it grows with my children, and I can do it from home and fit the practices into our day.” Megan, you’re speaking to one of our main goals with the program…that it works for a wide range of ages and abilities and can grow with your students.

Megan shares that she wanted her kids to gain self-confidence through learning to play piano. BKDP also met a requirement for their schooling program. She adds, “We knew it would be excellent for their brain. Lastly, our students are musically inclined, and we wanted to give them an outlet through piano to express that. Truly, BKDP does a great job of keeping my kids motivated to keep practicing through the practice challenges and the badges that they receive after completing certain sections of the course.”
More thoughts from Izzy, Abe, and Noah…
Do you have a favorite type of music you like to play?
Kids: Popular music and songs
What is one thing you like to learn in the program?
Kids: How to read music and play longer pieces
What advice would you give other kids who are in BKDP?
Kids: It’s super easy to learn the music, and the monthly practice challenge pushes you to try harder. Plus, Mrs. Carly is the best teacher ever. (Well, I love this advice, guys!)
Do you have anything else you’d like to tell us?
Fun Facts about our students of the month: They enjoy baking, cooking, dance, gymnastics, pet grooming, and ice skating. Their two favorite pets are dogs Luna and Poppy. They also love Jesus!
We love these profiles on our students and their families, don’t you? They remind me why I’m creating this content, and it gives me a sneak peek into whether the program is working for you in your homes. If you’d like to get a feel for the program, this month I have a piano lesson tutorial for your where you can learn to play the Super Mario Bros. theme. Check it out here.

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