April 2024 Members of the Month

April 2024
Allow me to introduce you to our April Members of the Month, siblings Rosie (13) and Henry (11). This pair has a built-in, captive audience of 5 brothers and sisters who get to enjoy all of their practice and performances. Isn’t that cool?
The family has been a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 2 years, the kids attend school at home, and as part of their music curriculum, they engage with the BKDP lessons and activities several times a week.

Though family members, including dad, grandpa, and Nana, are all very musical, what mom Becky loves most about Busy Kids is that the program is “flexible, fun, and easy to incorporate into daily life.” Awesome! That is one of our main goals, Becky. We are so glad it’s working for you.
They are a military family (thank you for your service!) and have been able to bring the program with them through three different states. You certainly can’t do that with a local piano teacher. Learning piano has been a priority to the family as they want their kids to gain self-confidence through music. Becky confesses, “I’ve always known music is important for education. To keep them motivated, I bribe them with money.” Whatever works for your family! Absolutely love getting creative with positive motivators.
More thoughts from Rosie and Henry…
Do you have a favorite type of music you like to play?
Kids: Song from movies!
What is one thing you like to learn in the program?
Kids: I really like learning all the different scales like D Major and G Major.
What advice would you give other kids who are in BKDP?
Kids: If something feels really hard, and you just can’t get it right, don’t quit, just take a break and come back to it later. You can do it! (Well, I love your perseverance and great attitude, kids!)
Fun Facts about our students of the month: They enjoy figure skating, reading, and playing the violin. They have two adorable guinea pigs, and a favorite song to play on the piano is Heart and Soul.
We love these profiles on our students and their families, don’t you? They remind me why I’m creating this content, and it gives me a sneak peek into whether the program is working for you in your homes.

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