Piano Practice Tricks That Will Change Your Life


I sometimes feel as though I can’t come up with¬†another way to motivate my strong-willed child to practice. I’ve tried all the piano practice tricks. I’m out of creativity.

Or maybe you have a wiggly worm who can’t sit still longer than a few minutes and you aren’t sure how to get anything accomplished.

Or maybe you have a perfectionist who becomes immediately frustrated when she makes her first mistake during piano practice.

I interviewed behavioral therapist Meg Smith — who happens to be a longtime friend of mine and our customer support specialist for Busy Kids Do Piano.

I knew she’d have some piano practice tricks up her sleeve. (She’s just one of those people.) And her list does not disappoint!

Watch (or listen to) the video below. Some of Meg’s piano practice tricks include:

    • How to front-load your kiddo to help ensure a successful piano practice
    • Finding your child’s “currency” to help motivate practice
    • Maybe even not practicing (gasp!) on a particular day
    • How to work through frustrations during piano practice
    • Helping your child self-regulate during a piano practice

After you watch the video, check out these blog posts to help support some of the piano practice tricks that Meg shares in the livecast.

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For further ideas on working with a perfectionist during piano practice, read this.

Do you have any piano practice tips up your sleeve that work well in your family? Share them in the comments!

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