When Can My Child Start Piano Lessons?

As a piano teacher, the number one question I often received from parents who are interested in lessons is: When can my child start piano lessons?

I have known many fantastic colleagues who have set rules about when they will take a student. Some have policies in place where they only take students at age 7. Others will only take children who can read. One teacher told me only when the child can sit still for thirty minutes (good luck!).

I completely understand having these types of rules. But, I also think that if we set too many limits on when a child is the magical age, we limit the child’s ability to access an early love of music. Continue reading “When Can My Child Start Piano Lessons?”

Find A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child

It’s that time of year where my voicemail and inbox are filled with queries from parents looking for a piano teacher for their students. As a mom myself, I completely understand how important it is to make a careful match. Your child’s musical progression depends largely on what happens at home between lessons. However, so much of their overall love and desire to create music has a lot to do with their teacher. It’s so important to find a good piano teacher for your child. Continue reading “Find A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child”

Piano Tuning and Maintenance.

If you are blessed to have an acoustic piano in your home, it is essential that you know about piano tuning! Having it tuned regularly not only keeps the value from diminishing but also helps you develop your musical ear.

I once had a student who by all counts was practicing EVERY single day. Yet at her lessons, she was struggling to read the notes. In discussion with her mom, I found out that her piano was terribly out of tune. My student was confused as to why her music sounded so different when she played it on an “in tune” piano at lesson time!

Once the tuner made it to her house, everything clicked into place. Continue reading “Piano Tuning and Maintenance.”

Ideas to Get Your Child to Practice Piano

As a mom and a piano teacher, I constantly am faced with motivating students to practice. Many parents of students will call or e-mail with the age-old question: “How do you get your child to practice piano?”

If you have a child at home that you are constantly battling with over practicing, here are some tips that I’ve picked up through the years. Continue reading “Ideas to Get Your Child to Practice Piano”

Raise A Musical Child.

It’s probably not news to you that music is really good for your child.  It enhances all forms of learning, and it seems as though there’s always a new study being released on how it makes kids smarter, benefits brain development, etc. So what are some ways that we as parents can give our children access to all these benefits and raise a musical child?

Here are a few ideas from this piano teacher and mom. Continue reading “Raise A Musical Child.”

Adult Piano Lessons: How They Benefit Your Child

There are lots of  reasons for you to enroll in adult piano lessons.

It’s something that will build you own confidence and lead to great fulfillment. It may be something you’ve always wanted to do and can “cross off” your bucket list. Plus, it stimulates your brain – which can help with Alzheimer’s prevention.

But sometimes it can be really difficult as a mom to take on a commitment for yourself.  Maybe you feel selfish signing up for adult piano lessons, taking away time from your day that could be used to clean your house, get dinner ready or help kids with their homework. Continue reading “Adult Piano Lessons: How They Benefit Your Child”