Identifying Intervals: Why It Matters

When a child learns to read there are many important components to becoming a fluent reader. A child must be able to identify letters and letter sounds, but if he is going to read fluently, he has to move past thinking of each individual letter and letter sound.

The same goes for becoming a fluent note-reader and music player. A proficient pianist isn’t thinking of all the individual notes when she plays a complicated piece of music (can you imagine having all those individual note names flying through your head as you played?!). Continue reading “Identifying Intervals: Why It Matters”

Holiday-Themed Musical Activities

As I sit down to write this post, the leaves are turning and the air is colder. Fall is here!

With so many upcoming seasons and holidays, I love to incorporate fun activities into my home studio and my own children’s musical learning. A few years ago, two of my 3rd grade students played a duet of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg and dressed as witches. I’ve never seen them so excited to play for a recital! Students also love the chance to learn holiday music that is familiar to them, and there’s so many opportunities to attend musical performances with your little one. Continue reading “Holiday-Themed Musical Activities”

Summertime Music Opportunities

Since my kids were babies we’ve made a habit of attending outdoor concerts, classical music festivals and library “concerts on the lawn” during the warm summer months. As it finally starts to warm up in our area, my almost-5 year old asked, “Now that it’s summer, when can we go to a concert?” Continue reading “Summertime Music Opportunities”

Practicing Piano with a Perfectionist.

When I had just turned 5, my mom gave me a jump rope. I attempted to actually JUMP ROPE with it, but could not quite master the art of skillfully whipping the rope around at the exact time needed to jump over it without tripping on it. The way she tells the story, I gave it a few tries, became frustrated, and threw a tantrum because I couldn’t do it.

Then my mom signed me up for piano lessons. Continue reading “Practicing Piano with a Perfectionist.”

Musical Gifts Ideas.

I used to be the kind of organized person that purchased all my Christmas gifts by Halloween. That short-lived “Organized Mom” stint is no more, and now I’m grateful for the Amazon Prime Membership that allows me to order gifts as late as December 22nd and still have them arrive on time for Christmas.

As a piano teacher, it is probably no shock to you that I love to surround my kids with toys and space that encourage music making. Musical toys also boost cognitive skills, provide continuous learning opportunities and support gross and fine motor skills. Continue reading “Musical Gifts Ideas.”

When Can My Child Start Piano Lessons?

As a piano teacher, the number one question I often received from parents who are interested in lessons is: When can my child start piano lessons?

I have known many fantastic colleagues who have set rules about when they will take a student. Some have policies in place where they only take students at age 7. Others will only take children who can read. One teacher told me only when the child can sit still for thirty minutes (good luck!).

I completely understand having these types of rules. But, I also think that if we set too many limits on when a child is the magical age, we limit the child’s ability to access an early love of music. Continue reading “When Can My Child Start Piano Lessons?”

Find A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child.

It’s that time of year where my voicemail and inbox are filled with queries from parents looking for a piano teacher for their students. As a mom myself, I completely understand how important it is to make a careful match. Your child’s musical progression depends largely on what happens at home between lessons. However, so much of their overall love and desire to create music has a lot to do with their teacher. It’s so important to find a good piano teacher for your child. Continue reading “Find A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child.”