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I used to be the kind of organized person that purchased all my Christmas gifts by Halloween. That short-lived “Organized Mom” stint is no more, and now I’m grateful for the Amazon Prime Membership that allows me to order gifts as late as December 22nd and still have them arrive on time for Christmas.

As a piano teacher, it is probably no shock to you that I love to surround my kids with toys and space that encourage music making. Musical toys also boost cognitive skills, provide continuous learning opportunities and support gross and fine motor skills.

Here are some recommendations and ideas for musical gifts to give to your own children, nieces, nephews and other loved ones this holiday season. (This post includes affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.)


  1. Drums & Rhythm Instruments.


If you’re a subscriber to my Busy Kids Piano course, it’s no secret that I love drums. I use them all the time to teach rhythm to my piano students and they’re just FUN. We have all different sizes and shapes of these Remo Kids drums.  My children have been playing on them since they were babies. Other fun and inexpensive rhythm instruments that encourage music making are tambourines, egg shakers, bells and wood claves.

2. Children’s Books that Support Musical Learning.

Beautiful picture books are one of my favorite gifts to give, and I also love using them as a teaching tool! There are so many fantastic children’s books about music that my own children and piano students adore. You can CLICK HERE to read some of my recommendations.

7 Children's books


      3. Music Lessons/Classes.


My grandparents send us money every year to enroll our children in a fun winter activity (how awesome are they?!). When my kids were little, we often used their generous gift to sign up for a Music Together class. When my daughter was old enough, we used their gift to sign her up for ukulele lessons. Perhaps there is a musical instrument your child has been itching to learn. Check out local studios in your area, or consider an online music program for a gift.

  4. Tickets to a Musical Event

Both my kids — but especially my youngest – LOVE Trombone Shorty. For a recent gift to them, we purchased tickets to a Trombone Shorty concert. It was the night of their lives.

tromboneMaybe your child isn’t obsessed with any musical icon in particular the way mine are. But perhaps she loves the ballet or certain musical. Tickets to The Nutcracker or a performance of a kid-friendly musical such as Lion King or Matilda are fantastic musical gifts for all ages!

           5. Keyboards

Certainly a piano is an investment, but it is such a worthwhile one. Many of my students who have started out on inexpensive keyboards from Target were upgraded to higher quality digital pianos or even acoustic Spinnets as a present for their birthdays or Christmas. (Read my recommendations for buying your first piano here.)


     6. Guitars/Ukuleles

Guitars and ukuleles are fun musical gifts. These instruments are affordable and fun to explore and play with. I love all the fun colors they come in, too!ukr

       7. Record Player

My youngest has a record player in his room. There is something really fun about being able to handle these giant records and pop them into his turntable whenever he wants!

8. Kindle/Music Devices

The iPod nano and kid-friendly Kindle are fun ways for kids to access their own music. My daughter has a Kid’s kindle and pops on her Elvis gospel playlist whenever she is getting ready for church on Sunday!

      9. Melody Express – Musical Train

Our local Children’s Museum has this super fun toy. It comes with a songbook, and you match the colors in the songbook with the note tiles to play different songs. While my youngest hasn’t quite mastered the art of “composing” with the train tracks, I’ve noticed many elementary aged kids engaging with this toy — including my 7-year-old.


10. Do-Re-Mi Musical Blocks

Another museum toy my children love, these stacking blocks are fitted with a xylophone on top of each block, so they play like a xylophone. There is also a songbook that has a few simple songs in it.

11. Handbell Set

This colorful handbell set sounds quite lovely. You can let your child explore it on his own, or purchase a set of rhythm cards or  songbook to expand the learning.




This post is part of a large group of kid blogger gift guides! If you are looking for a gift this holiday season, check it out!


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