Spring Activity Pack

spring activity pack

Do you have memories from childhood of hearing a song that made you feel happy, sad, or excited? At what point did you begin to associate music with different feelings? Many of us probably found some of this awareness around middle school or high school, when we began to experience more of the ups and downs of life. Most of us found songs to accompany us through those times. Music can be nostalgic and emotional. It can be a strong influence and a significant part of our stories. 

Part of April’s Music Challenge Monthly was inspired by my desire to invite your student to hear classical music in a new way. I want you to find a version of Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and specifically play the “Spring” portion for them. It’s about four minutes long and will be familiar to you, as it is used often in commercials and movies. You may even be able to recall the melody just by the title. 

I’m hoping you can provide your student with some art supplies – markers, crayons, or even paint – and encourage them to “feel” the music, drawing what they feel. Encourage them to use fast or slow motions, short or long strokes, and to consider what colors best reflect their feelings. Try not to define this correlation for them. Maybe the colors green and yellow feel like “happy” colors to you, but it could be totally different for your student. There are no right or wrong answers in art!

We will have more of these Listening Art Activities in the future, since I believe having an appreciation for and finding a personal connection with all types of music is an important part of your student’s education. I hope they enjoy this challenge. If your student enjoys creating while listening to “Spring,” please encourage them to listen to the other “seasons” in Vivaldi’s piece. You can easily print more art pages so they can continue to create.

Creating is a part of being human. We are all creators, and we all keep looking for inspiration. A great piece of music is an excellent source.  

If you’re a member of Busy Kids Do Piano, you’ll be able to access these Music Challenge Monthly activities in the “Printables and Worksheets” section of the website. 



For more spring-inspired music listening, check out this podcast episode from my Busy Kids Love Music podcast.

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