Host A Spring Piano Recital

Spring piano recital

Have you ever performed at a recital, whether in school or for some private lessons you were taking? I have spent countless hours at recitals, both as a student, and as a piano teacher. Some kids are really nervous when it comes to performing. Others shine in the spotlight. I remember feeling my fingers tremble a few times as I picked out which notes to play while my friends, family, and teacher silently watched. I made mistakes. I played beautiful pieces from memory. And I’ve been the silent onlooker, watching kids perform at every level.

The one constant I’ve observed is that performing builds character. It builds self-confidence, resilience when it comes to making mistakes, and it raises the value of all those tedious hours of practice. Through recitals, kids realize that it all meant something. Their hard work paid off, and people came to cheer for them. This is a very important piece in the musical development process, which is why our May Music Challenge is to Plan & Host an In-Home Spring Piano Recital. These students of ours deserve being celebrated!

I’ve included everything you’ll need to host a casual and simple recital, including fill-in-the-blank invitations, program, and certificate of achievement to give your student. The program has room for four songs, but if your student would like to play additional pieces, simply print additional pages. If you have more than one piano student in the house (or students who play other instruments), feel free to include them in the recital! Consider having your students prepare a duet. You can print extra invites, as well as additional pages of the program and certificates to hand out to the students involved. We recommend offering light snacks and refreshments at your event (crackers, cheese, cookies, and lemonade, for instance), but of course, these are not necessary in order to have a successful recital.  

Once you open the download, notice on the cover page I always have a comment directed at the kids in the right column so they feel included. Then, you’ll see the materials over the next 3 pages. Depending on the number of guests you invite, students, and songs being performed, simply print as many copies of the materials as you need. 

Don’t forget to have your students dress up a bit and take a bow at the end to make the recital feel extra special. They will feel celebrated by your encouragement and applause!


If you’re a member of Busy Kids Do Piano, you’ll be able to access these Music Challenge Monthly activities in the “Printables and Worksheets” section of the website. 

Happy practicing!

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