The Baroque Period: Lesson 2


This lesson is part 2 of 4 that I’ve released on the Baroque period of music. These lessons are a part of my online course, Busy Kids Do Music History.

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In the last lesson, we learned about how the Baroque period was all about fancy, decorative and lavish things!

In this lesson we’ll learn how that style influenced the way instruments were used and music sounded during the Baroque years.

Watch Lesson 1 Here


  1. Watch the video. 

Let’s look at and listen to some of the instruments and musical forms of Baroque times.

2. Guided Listening.

Below is a Baroque Opera written by Handel (who we’ll learn more about in our next lesson!). Don’t worry – you don’t need to watch the entire thing! But do take in a few minutes to jump around in the video and watch a few excerpts. Then answer the questions below.

How would you describe the costumes of the vocalists (singers)?

Can you find the harpsichord in the orchestra pit?

What things do you HEAR and SEE in this opera that tell you it is Baroque music?

3. Color. 

Vivaldi (again, we’ll learn more about him in the next lesson!) wrote many famous concertos. His most famous was a series called “Four Seasons”.

Download this coloring sheet and then listen to this piece from the series, called “Spring”. As you listen, color a picture of spring inspired by the music.


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