The Most Common Piano Practice Mistake.

Here is a little secret for you that might not surprise you too much: your child’s piano teacher can tell if he practiced.

It usually takes about 15 seconds. Sometimes, it only takes about 4 seconds. I watch a student struggle to find her starting hand position and it becomes clear that she is looking at her music for the very first time since her last lesson. Continue reading “The Most Common Piano Practice Mistake.”

4 Secret Ways to Practice Piano…Without A Piano

My mom always tells the story of how she signed me up for piano lessons at such a young age because I was a perfectionist. If something didn’t come easily to me, I became frustrated and ridiculously upset. It was when she watched me try to jump rope for the first time and sob hysterically at the fact that I couldn’t do it that she realized I needed to learn that not everything comes instantly. Sometimes you have to work for it. Continue reading “4 Secret Ways to Practice Piano…Without A Piano”

Five Things to Do Before Your Child’s First Piano Lesson.

You’ve done it! You’ve scheduled your child’s first piano lesson!

Before my daughter’s first day of kindergarten, there were a lot of things we did to prepare. I met her teacher (and tried not to cry as I hounded her with question after question). We went to the store and purchased school supplies and the same Elsa backpack that every other girl in school had. I deposited money into her lunch account and read The Kissing Hand. We did all these things because the first day of school is new and exciting and a bit scary. We wanted her to feel as confident and comfortable as possible in a new environment.

I realize sending your child off to her first piano lesson isn’t quite as big of a deal. However, there are still some things that you can do to help ensure a successful experience — for the first piano lesson and beyond. Continue reading “Five Things to Do Before Your Child’s First Piano Lesson.”

Ideas to Get Your Child to Practice Piano.

As a mom and a piano teacher, I constantly am faced with motivating students to practice. Many parents of students will call or e-mail with the age-old question: “How do you get your child to practice piano?”

If you have a child at home that you are constantly battling with over practicing, here are some tips that I’ve picked up through the years. Continue reading “Ideas to Get Your Child to Practice Piano.”