Getting Back In The Groove

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During August and September when my students return to piano lessons, frustration and disappointment abound!

Perhaps you’re a musician yourself or the parent of a musician and are witnessing this own struggle in your household. You had the best of intentions — you were going to have a schedule that included piano practice, you were going to keep structure and routine going, but alas….summer happens.

That’s okay! You’re normal. And you’re not alone.

In August, my friend and colleague Jessica and I hopped on Facebook Live to discuss strategies for getting back into a practicing routine. Check it out below!


Jessica and I also put together a special TIPS SHEET with you that summarizes our top tips for getting back into your practicing routine:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of PIANO LESSONS 101

What strategies have you found help you or your student get back into a learning routine? Share them in the comments!

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