December Members of the Month

Meet the Woods Family from the western suburbs of Chicago!  Darla and husband, Darnell have four daughters, Anayah 10, Kenzie 6, Teagan 4, and Tessa 2. Four years ago, they took an epic road trip from Illinois covering Texas, California, Nevada, and Colorado. They have plans to travel as much as possible when it can be done safely again!

What’s your musical background?
My husband and I very limited musical backgrounds that do not extend past the required music class, which is why we seek to instill that love of music at an early age in all of our children.
Anything fun or unique you’d like to share about your family?
We are a family of 6 who loves to travel and eat our way through whichever city we are visiting! Four years ago, we took an epic road trip from Illinois covering Texas, California, Nevada, and Colorado. We plan to travel as much as possible when we are able to do so safely again!
How do you structure piano lessons/practice for your family? Any tips to share?

Our piano lessons typically take place in the afternoons, during Tessa’s nap time with headphones, and out loud practice takes place once she is awake. My biggest tip is to print out the lessons a unit at a time and go over any of the parent notes to make sure you are prepared. We keep all our lessons in a binder to keep by our keyboard.

How did you learn about Busy Moms/Kids Do Piano?

We learned about Busy Kids Piano, with some extensive research from myself since we had to say goodbye to our piano teacher for several reasons, and once we were ready to try piano again, I knew we needed something at home and online.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share about your musical journey with piano lessons?

We love practicing piano, as my 6-year-old loses confidence in some things that her older sister does really well, but being able to play the piano gives her something she can do at her own pace, and receive help from her big sister. I also love that it gives us something to do in the afternoons after we finish our homeschool lessons, without retreating to screens.

What is your goal with having your child learn to play the piano?

Our ultimate goal is to have our children to be able to read music and enjoy playing an instrument, we believe it will be an opportunity for them to explore the world in a new way and be able to connect with others over something so simple yet complex as music.


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