Summertime Music Opportunities


Since my kids were babies we’ve made a habit of attending outdoor concerts, classical music festivals and library “concerts on the lawn” during the warm summer months. As it finally starts to warm up in our area, my almost-5 year old asked, “Now that it’s summer, when can we go to a concert?”

I love that he associates the warm weather and sunshine with music! There’s so many fantastic (and FREE!) opportunities to enrich our children with music in the summer. Here are some ideas for creating and nurturing a musical environment during the summer months for your own children:

Seek out music camps for your student.

If your child is an advanced musician, his teacher can likely recommend a music camp specific to his instrument and abilities that is offered in your area. If you’re looking for some type of general music enrichment camp for a student, look into local programs from Music Lingua, Music Together or KinderMusik to see if there are any offerings in your area. (Not finding one in the budget? Check out my free online summer program for kids!)Copy of Copy of Copy of PIANO LESSONS 101

Attend music festivals and concerts.

You might be amazed at how many free or low-cost opportunities there are to take your children to see local musicians and bands. We’ve exposed our kids to a variety of genres and styles through summer concerts, including bluegrass, folk, funk, jazz, country and classical.

My baby's first concert: The Beach Boys!
My baby’s first concert: The Beach Boys!

Take musical activities outside.

Outdoor music activities are such a wonderful, integrative and sensory-rich experience. Here are some blog posts from others with fun outdoor activities you can do with your child to encourage musical exploration and learning:

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Outdoor Music Wall

Start music lessons!

Many families don’t think about enrolling their child in a musical instrument until September when school is back in session. If you think about it, however, summer can really be an ideal time to start music lessons! Many music teachers have openings as opposed to when they fill up quickly during the fall months (I receive so inquiries mid-September and end up turning dozens of students away). Your student is also less likely to be busy with homework and after-school sports, so there’s time for them to enjoy practicing their new instrument without having to worry about fitting practice time into an already-filled calendar.

Get started with lessons in my free Snackable course!

Wishing you a beautiful summer filled with enriching experiences!


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