Summer Practice Challenge

summer practice challenge

Well, we are already well into the summer, and if your students are like mine, the heat, the ice cream cones, and the screen time are beginning to pull them well out of routine. It’s great to enjoy that much-needed break from the school year, but I don’t love it when my students take too much of a break from piano. Sometimes, I struggle to “inspire” them to keep practicing piano throughout the summer, and I don’t want them to lose precious ground over the break, forgetting what they’ve most recently learned. I think continually changing up the practice routine and keeping it fun can help. 

So this month, I’ve added a brand-new practice challenge, with a new friend to help: Practice Poodle. You can see on the download that this is just a fun bonus to encourage your students to sit at the keys a few times a week and work toward the reward certificate. For each new song learned, they will color in a circle to move Practice Poodle closer to her goal, getting to the swimming pool. When your student learns 5 new pieces, the challenge is completed, and you can reward them with the certificate included. Of course, it’s been signed by me and notarized by Practice Poodle herself, so it is very official.

We at Busy Kids Do Piano never want practicing to become boring or feel like work. Creating and playing music ought to feel rewarding for both the student and the listener. That’s why I am constantly trying to keep things interesting for you and your students, particularly when it comes to practicing. 

I’d love to see your student’s success. If you feel comfortable, send or post a photo of your student with the completion certificate, tag @busymomsdopiano, and I’d love to share them in my Instagram stories.   


If you’re a member of Busy Kids Do Piano, you’ll be able to access this Music Challenge Monthly activity in the “Printables and Worksheets” section of the website. 

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