July Members of the Month

July member of the month
Allow me to introduce you to our July Members of the Month, Saanvi and her family from Australia. They have been a part of Busy Kids Do Piano for just under a year with their daughter, Saanvi, who is 8 years old. Saanvi attends a local elementary school and digs into the BKDP online materials several times a week. Way to be committed, Saanvi!

The family immigrated from India to Australia, and they all enjoy music, even though neither mom nor dad had any formal training. Likewise, Saanvi had no musical background, but her mom, Ruchi, says her primary reason for keeping her in the BKDP program is to encourage her self-confidence through learning to play and read music.

“We noticed she enjoys music, and we also wanted her to learn at least one musical instrument. We believe it also encourages patience and perseverance. We try to challenge her with new songs to keep her motivated,” says her mom.
More thoughts from Mishra family…
What do you love most about the BKDP program?
“Miss Carly is phenomenal. Even though it’s online, the class is very engaging and challenging at the same time.”
Now let’s hear some input from Saanvi herself…
What is one thing you enjoy about the BKDP program?
“Techniques taught by Miss Carly which I never learnt when I was using the Simply Piano app.”
What is your favorite type of music to play?
“Popular music and songs from movies.”
What are your interests besides piano?
“Reading, drama, drawing cartoons, and creative writing.”
What advice would you give other kids who might want to try BKDP?
“Definitely go for it. It’s the best.” (Aww, thank you!)
Anything else you’d like to tell us?
“I am trying to play ‘Harry Potter Hedwig Theme’ these days and want to share as soon as I can.”
Her parents want Saanvi and her younger sibling, Avni (4), to grow up enjoying both Indian and Western music. How amazing to be surrounded by musical influences from a variety of cultures!
Many thanks to the Mishra family for sharing their story this month, and special thanks to Saanvi for her input as well.


Keep up the practicing, Saanvi. You will conquer that Harry Potter theme song in no time, I’m sure of it!

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