Affordable Piano Lessons: How To Make It Happen

6 ways

I am a piano teacher. I am here to tell you that piano lessons expensive. You might have even scoffed when you saw the words “affordable piano lessons” in the title of this post.

There are many reasons for this and I’m certainly not here to quibble with any of them. Piano teachers are highly skilled and trained. We offer a valuable service that involves much “behind-the-scenes” work outside of the weekly lesson. Choosing music, ordering books, attending workshops, invoicing, putting together recitals — all of these things take a great deal of time. 

Because of the cost, however, music lessons can be unattainable for many families. The answer to this is certainly NOT for teachers to charge less than they are worth. There are ways to get creative and make lessons more affordable for YOU.

The cost of piano lessons should not keep your child from becoming the next Mozart…or at least receiving all the lifelong benefits that learning a musical instrument affords.

6 ways


Group classes are often a lower cost alternative to private piano lessons. Before going full time with my online business, I taught group piano lessons for many years. I charged $60 per month month 45 minute classes versus $90 per month for 30 minute lessons. That monthly savings accumulates to around $400 in annual savings, making it a lower cost option for more affordable piano lessons.

Ask about sibling or friend discounts

Depending on the teacher, she might be willing to accommodate siblings or friends in order to make piano lessons affordable.  For several years I taught a brother-sister duo who were not able to afford private lessons for both children. I squeezed them into a 40 minute lesson together, taking their rate from $44 per week to $32.

Consider online lessons.

I sell online courses, so you had to know this one was coming! But it really is a substantial savings and a great way to get started with affordable piano lessons. If your child has a real knack for the piano and is interested and committed after completing the online courses, you can always consider investing in private lessons down the road. An annual membership for my online course costs $1261 less than a year’s worth of private lessons at my studio based on my current pricing.

Buy used sheet music and mETHOD books

With the exception of a theory book — which involves lots of written work — it won’t matter much if there are markings in your child’s music. You can purchase used lesson books from Amazon for as little as 25 cents per book (plus shipping).

Apply for scholarships

There are often local charities available who will give grants to families in need whose child wishes to pursue music lessons.

Find a student who teaches

When my younger brother began piano lessons, my piano teacher didn’t have any openings. My mom found a neighborhood high school student to teach him until a slot opened up with my teacher. The high school student charged just $10 per lesson. While the quality of lessons wasn’t as exceptional as with the professional teacher, it allowed my brother to get started with piano. My mom had the added benefit of saving some money!

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