Valentine Printables – February’s Music Challenge Monthly

February MCM blog post

When I was a kid, one of my favorite traditions was exchanging Valentines with friends. Sometimes my teacher allowed us to exchange in class, and sometimes I just handed some out to friends on my own. But choosing which kind I would pass out was a big deal. I really wanted them to reflect something about me. This is partly why, this month, I’ve created a set of music-themed Valentines in case your student loves this tradition as much as I did. Your student can color them in with markers or crayons, personalizing them to their heart’s content. If your student is not yet gifted in the cutting department, be sure they are using safety scissors or getting help in cutting them apart. You’ll see 12 different designs, but you may print as many additional pages as needed to cover all your student’s pals. 

I’ve also included a Music Terms Crossword Puzzle. I love disguising educational tools as games your student will love to play. This one is important, because knowing these commonly used musical terms is important. These terms guide the student in knowing how to play a given piece. All of these terms must be learned and mastered so a pianist can play a piece accurately.  

This month’s challenge addresses these skills in a worksheet that your student should be able to complete in about 10 minutes. The answer key is included so you can check their work and perhaps give them clues if they need assistance. 

If you’re a member of Busy Kids Do Piano, you’ll be able to access these Music Challenge Monthly activities in the “Printables and Worksheets” section of the website. 

At Busy Kids, fun is a big priority. We know that if your student isn’t having fun, they may not want to continue learning to play. That’s why we try to keep things interesting for them. Please encourage your student to engage with these activities. It breaks up the monotony of practicing, and stimulates their music education in other areas. And when they’re creating their beautiful Valentines, don’t forget their music teachers! Whether at school or at home (maybe their music teacher is you!) music teachers deserve all our love and appreciation! Thank you for being a crucial part to your student’s music education!  



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