Practicing Tips for Piano Lessons on the Road

As I write this, the holidays are quickly approaching. For many, this means time off of school, traveling to see family, or even hosting friends and family from out-of-town. This disruption to your typical routine might also mean piano practicing goes by the wayside.

Whether it’s holiday plans, an opportunity to travel for an extended period of time, or a temporary busy “season” where your child is in a school play or taking the bus all over for sporting events, there are times when our piano practice routine is thrown out of whack. Continue reading “Practicing Tips for Piano Lessons on the Road”

December Member of the Month

Meet the Hibbard family from Little Rock, Arkansas. Doug and Ann have three wonderful children 16 year old Olivia, 14 year old Angela, and 11 year old Steven.  It was their oldest Olivia who discovered Busy Moms and now three children participate in the Busy Kids program.

Q: What’s your musical background?

My husband and I both played in band throughout high school, and I also sang in choirs as the opportunity was available while Doug enjoyed working on the tech side of things. Although neither of us play piano well, we are very familiar with music theory and can pick out basic melodies. Continue reading “December Member of the Month”

Adding Review to Piano Practice

My daughter’s FAVORITE time in piano practice is what we call “Review Time”. We save this for the end, and it’s always a fun activity that feels like a reward for her. She actually even thinks about it ahead of time, planning which pieces she is going to play for “Review Time.”

In this livecast, I talk about why reviewing familiar music and technique is an important piece of piano practice. I also created a fun printable game that you can download to help get your wheels spinning! Continue reading “Adding Review to Piano Practice”

November Member of the Month

Meet our November Members of the Month Sansha and her two lovely children Hazel and Linus from Melbourne, Australia. Hazel is 8 years old and is currently enrolled in Busy Kids Do Piano. Eight year old Linus is not enrolled in piano but is currently studying the trombone.

What’s your musical background?

I learned piano for a number of years as a child, but wasn’t terribly committed and rarely practiced but despite this, I think it was a very valuable experience. I did always enjoy music and belonged to the school choir and orchestra. Continue reading “November Member of the Month”

Teaching Piano to Young Children

I LOVE teaching piano to young children. Experiencing the excitement of learning a musical instrument through their eyes, their enthusiasm for practicing, their sense of adventure for trying new things — it’s incredibly rewarding.

BUT…it can also be challenging. Young students can become easily distracted, might have limited focus and may get frustrated quickly. Continue reading “Teaching Piano to Young Children”

Holiday-Themed Musical Activities

As I sit down to write this post, the leaves are turning and the air is colder. Fall is here!

With so many upcoming seasons and holidays, I love to incorporate fun activities into my home studio and my own children’s musical learning. A few years ago, two of my 3rd grade students played a duet of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg and dressed as witches. I’ve never seen them so excited to play for a recital! Students also love the chance to learn holiday music that is familiar to them, and there’s so many opportunities to attend musical performances with your little one. Continue reading “Holiday-Themed Musical Activities”

October Members of the Month

Meet the Latorre-Caceres Family!  Ivan (dad) and Diana (mom) and their two sons Ivan (5.5 years old) and Jayden ( 3.5 years old)  from Sydney, Australia! They are a music loving family who are using Busy Kids Do Piano to bring piano into their home. 

Q: What is your musical background?

Our family’s music background is Colombian music. Continue reading “October Members of the Month”

Adding Games to Your Musical Learning

A few months ago I surveyed students in my online programs to ask what topic they wanted me to discuss on my Facebook Live broadcasts. I was expecting it to be something about practicing strategies, but overwhelmingly, they chose the topic of “Adding Games to Musical Learning.”

THIS is my specialty! I love making piano lessons and practicing fun, interactive and playful.

Watch the video below for some ideas to add practicing and theory games to your piano routine. Continue reading “Adding Games to Your Musical Learning”

September Member of the Month

Millennium Park Chicago to hear the Grant Park Symphony rehearsal Summer of 2017
Millennium Park Chicago to hear the Grant Park Symphony rehearsal Summer of 2017

Meet our September Member of the Month Mary Socall. She and her husband Dave are from Westchester, Il. Their son Brian has two sons Ellis who is 4-years-old and Lewis who is 2-years-old. Mary is currently enrolled in Busy Moms and is working with Ellis who is enrolled in Busy Kids. They are a Busy family! Continue reading “September Member of the Month”

Six Scientific Practicing Strategies

I often read articles about the science of learning and research on the brain. One of my children has developmental differences, and so I am always seeking “out of the box” ways to help his brain connect the dots. As a piano teacher, I always want to be able to support my students with their practicing and learning. I want to help my students become musicians who are confident in their abilities and who progress and feel successful as they move through their studies. Continue reading “Six Scientific Practicing Strategies”