Pacing Piano Lessons: Is My Student Ready for the Next Lesson?

Pacing Piano Lessons

One thing that is unique to online piano lessons is that while I teach all the concepts, music and theory in the program, I do rely on parents to help in pacing the program for the student. I have parent guides and checklists to help with this, but I want parents to feel completely comfortable when it comes to answering the question, “Is my child ready for the next piano lesson?”

In this livecast, I gave pointers for how to decide whether or not your student is ready to move onto the next lesson. I encourage you to pace your lessons using a simple strategy. This is a strategy I learned years ago in a music educator’s workshop when I first began teaching, and I live by it!

I’ll also provide you with loads of examples from my own teaching experiences, to help you feel equipped in pacing your student’s lessons.

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