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In my personal experience, when I feel successful at something, I’m more likely to stick with it. The same has proven true for my children as well. I’ve noticed that as their mother, I have a lot of power in how I shape my kids’ experiences; giving them feedback that is positive and encouraging always seems to help them persevere. This is true for piano learning as well, and let’s be honest, learning to play an instrument is not for the faint of heart. A student has to persevere through many iterations of getting the notes wrong before they can finally get them right. That takes some serious stamina, even for the most self-confident among us.  

This month, I want us as caregivers and parents to put in extra effort to help your student finish the year on a really positive note. I’ve created 6 “Brag Tags” that they can color, cut apart, and then earn by doing some pretty simple tasks listed on them. This is one way you can brag on them and reward them for their accomplishments. In addition, I’ve designed an end-of-year certificate that you can fill out and present to them as a marker of the close of 2022. Who doesn’t love a little recognition? I’ve signed the bottom so your student knows the certificate is truly Busy Kids Do Piano official.  

It doesn’t matter if your student started playing piano 2 years ago or 2 weeks ago, encouragement is a necessary part of their success. So print the tags and the certificate and show them how you’re preparing to celebrate their progress (no matter how small). My hope is that by finishing the year with an extra dose of encouragement, your student will start the new year with even greater confidence and enthusiasm. We all love to feel like we’re good at something. The December download has two easy ways to communicate just that to your student.  

If you’re a member of Busy Kids Do Piano, you’ll be able to access this Music Challenge Monthly activity in the “Printables and Worksheets” section of the website.


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