November Members of the Month

November MOM (2)
Allow me to introduce you to our November Members of the Month, siblings Amber (11), Elizabeth (9), and Isaac (8). They have been members of Busy Kids Do Piano for over 2 years – wow! These guys attend school at home and access the BKDP online materials several times a week. Sounds like a fun, piano-loving crew, for sure.

Mom Rachel shared with us that her favorite features of Busy Kids Do Piano membership are both the flexibility and the structure. Her primary reason for keeping her kids in the program is that she really wants them to learn to play. “Piano is great for cognitive development, and I wanted to at least expose them to learning the basics. Whether or not they continue as they get older is yet to be determined. I played a tiny bit of piano in middle school and wish I had continued so I could play better than I currently do.”
We asked these questions of the students themselves:
What are your favorite types of songs to play?
Classic, folk, and songs from movies.
What advice would you give other kids who might want to try BKDP?
Stay consistent with practice/review. It’s fun!
What are your interests besides piano?
Reading, baking (Amber); Reading, running, writing stories Elizabeth); I really want to learn drums (Isaac)
Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your family?
We’re hoping to visit as many National Parks as our schedule/budget allows over the next several years. (mom)
Well, Amber, Elizabeth, and Isaac, we are rooting for you at the piano! Play some tunes for those relatives or friends over the holidays, okay? They’ll be so impressed!
Busy Kids exists to support your students in their overall music education. This includes everything from theory fundamentals to performance. If you have yet to jump aboard, check out more of our free resources on the blog or the podcast.
Our next enrollment window to the membership is January 1st-14th, so if you’re at all interested, put a note in your phone so you don’t miss it!

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