July Members of the Month



Meet Andrew and Amy Cook family from Fort Campbell, KY. They have four wonderful children: Hannah, who is 12 years old, Katelyn, who is 11 years old, Sara, who is 9 years olds and Audrey, who is 7 years old. Like many of our Busy Families they are a military and homeschooling family.



Q: What’s your musical background?

I [Amy] took piano lessons for 10 years as a child.

Q: Anything fun or unique you’d like to share about your family?

All 4 of our daughters are part of the Busy Kids program!

Q: How do you structure piano lessons/practice for your family? Any tips to share?

The girls practice their lesson almost every day. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind them to practice.  They take a new lesson every Monday. However, my youngest (Audrey) takes a new lesson every 2 weeks.

Q: How did you learn about Busy Moms/Kids Do Piano?

I learned about “Busy Kids” from a Facebook post from someone else.

Q: Do you have any stories you’d like to share about your musical journey with piano lessons?

We love “Busy Kids”. The girls have learned so much and it’s so affordable!

Q: What is your goal with having your child learn to play the piano?

I would love for the girls to be able to play in church someday.

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