Meet Our Team: The Folks Behind Busy People Do Piano

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Whether you’ve been an e-mail subscriber or perhaps a student of one of my online courses, chances are that you’ve interacted with me (Carly) — the creator of Busy Moms and Busy Kids Do Piano and seen my face in all those lesson videos – hah!

But I am not the only person running the show. While there have been others along the way who have helped me with certain projects — creating my site or assisting during a webinar — there are two constants who have been by my side for years now. They make our community so special and I am constantly grateful for them.

Allow me to introduce you to them!

RJRJ Galgo is the video editor for our programs. He takes the content I create and makes it interactive and visual — and those of you who watch my lessons know what a GIFT he is to our program. Here’s a little bit from RJ…

“My name is Rod Jason Galgo but everyone calls me RJ. Me and my wife, Loricris, are nurses in the Philippines until we decided to follow our dreams and go into photography SMD videography that turned into our business. We also have an 8 year old son named Wes Perry who is a very friendly kid. He loves Godzilla and Star Wars so much and enjoys baseball, football and dancing. We have lived in the Philippines all our lives until we decided to migrate to Canada last year in August. It was the greatest decision so far. During my past time, I love to play some music on my guitar, Midi controller and piano (*because of Carly 😄). I also love shooting street photography and going on hikes with my family. We love the outdoors, especially the mountains, lake and beaches.”

megMeg Smith is another VIP of our team. If you’re in one of our paid courses, then you may have interacted with Meg along the way in our private Facebook group. She is our Community Manager and Customer Support Specialist.  When I began to expand my online programs, I knew I needed someone who cares deeply for people, has a fun personality and also understands how children work to be a support for our community. I’ve known Meg since high school, and was so thrilled when she agreed to come on board. Here’s a bit from Meg…

“I am Meg and I am the Community Manager/Customer Support Specialist here on the Busy Moms and Kids Do Piano Team. I have worked as a behavioral therapist and life coach for individuals with special needs (primarily autism) for the past 10+ years. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010 with a BS in Family Studies and Counseling, and in 2015 completed my Masters in Psychology with a focus on Human Behavior. I am currently taking a break from the behavioral therapy world to be a mom to my two daughters Azara (5) and Maizy (2). I live in Inglewood, California with my husband Paul, who is also a social worker. I turned my love of reading into a side job and also teach story times to preschoolers.”

christmascontender1And then there’s me, Carly. If you’ve watched any of my content or listened to my podcast, chances are you’ve seen my face or heard my voice. I live in the metro Atlanta area with my pastor-husband and two children — 11 and 7 years old at the time of this writing. I’ve been teaching piano lessons for almost 17 years after studying music and theatre at University of California Irvine. I’ve worked as a private lesson teacher, group lesson teacher, in classrooms and facilities that serve kids with special needs — and now, online! I love to read, explore and be outdoors.

We are so grateful for all the families who make our online community so vibrant and wonderful. Thanks for being a part of it!

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