Fixing Mistakes At Piano Practice

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One of the reasons piano lessons are such a big commitment is because in order for the experience to be successful, a parent must be involved in the process — especially if a younger student is the one learning to play — in order to help with fixing mistakes at piano practice.

My goal as a teacher is to help my students eventually get to a point where they are able to practice independently. This means they won’t require constant oversight from a parent during every single moment and will even be capable of fixing mistakes at piano practice on their own.

In order for a student to reach that point, the student MUST KNOW how to practice effectively. Which is why it is critical for parents and teachers to model what effective practice looks like.

In this livecast, I talk about how parents can begin to model a successful practice. A successful piano practice occurs when time is taken to identify and then fix mistakes at piano practice — so that a student begins to develop a process he can put in place when practicing independently.

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